Zones of Regulation Storybook

Authors: Leah Kuyperd abd Elizabeth Sautter

Publisher: Social Thinking

Reading age: 5-10 years

The Road to Regulation, the first Zones of Regulation storybook in the two-book set, takes readers on a school-day journey as Gabriel and his classmates build self-awareness and learn about The Zones of Regulation. Whether they are on the noisy bus, trying to focus in class, feeling left out in the cafeteria, or scoring a homerun in a kickball game, they experience a wide range of feelings in different sizes, intensities, and levels of energy.

In The Regulation Station, the second Zones of Regulation storybook, Gabriel falls asleep and dreams that he’s on a fantastic adventure with his friends. After a wild bus ride, they discover a magical place, the Regulation Station, filled with activities, art, and movement. As they explore different experiences at the Regulation Station, they begin to notice how they feel afterward–more relaxed, focused, and calm.